The Main Keys to Green Carpet Cleaning

While the practice of green cleaning in offices and schools has become relatively typical, green carpet care is a lesser-known workout. This is unfortunate because in numerous facilities, carpet is the largest surface used on a daily basis, and some carpet-cleaning approaches have the potential to negatively impact the environment.

To help assist in the discussion and bring awareness to the topic, let’s specify green carpet care as using procedures, systems, and products to assist keep carpets healthy and clean with the least amount of influence on the cleaning employee, constructing occupants, and the environment.

Green carpet cleaning can be accomplished when the following three crucial concepts are utilized.

Green carpet care is a shared duty. This suggests building users must do their part by immediately pointing out discolorations, spots, and soiled locations of the carpet to cleaning professionals. This is essential because spots and discolorations have a tendency to attract more impurities, making the carpet unhealthy and stain elimination all the more hard.

carpet cleaningProper chemical choice. Similar to other cleaning products, carpet care chemicals have progressed for many years and numerous green-certified carpet cleaning chemicals exist today. When a heated carpet extractor is utilized, many of these items can end up being more reliable. In turn, this can imply that less chemical is necessary, again assisting to decrease the chemical’s influence on the user and the environment.

The issue with some older or more standard carpet cleaning chemicals is that they might release high levels of volatile organic compounds– or VOCs– into the air. They likewise include a variety of active ingredients that we now know can trigger a variety of health-related issues. For example, some standard chemicals have been recognized as setting off asthma attacks in kids.

When considering a switch from traditional to green carpet cleaning, facility supervisors and cleaning experts must understand that not all green-certified chemicals are alike. Some chemicals might work better in various scenarios and on certain types of carpet. Experimentation might be required; nevertheless, a chemical option will invariably be determined that is not just effective but also ecologically more suitable.

Correct devices choice. Together with proven environmentally-preferable cleaning chemicals, portable carpet extractors have advanced over the years and now contribute considerably to making carpet cleaning greener and much healthier. Low-moisture technology likewise can be a vital component to green carpet cleaning. While climate and other indoor environment conditions can affect drying outcomes, the ultimate objective of low-moisture carpet cleaning is for carpets to dry in about two hours after cleaning. This assists avoid mold and mildew as well as any re-soiling that can happen when carpets are left wet for too long. And, of course, blocked-off locations can be opened to foot traffic more quickly with low-moisture cleaning.

Nevertheless, attaining low-moisture carpet cleaning does not always need using extractors that utilize less water. Instead, a few of today’s innovative machines use a combination of effective vacuum motors and more effective wands, which apply water or cleaning solution to carpets and extract so quickly that moisture never rests on the carpet. The procedure is typically described as atomization and it can assist guarantee carpets dry rapidly, assisting to satisfy the goal of low-moisture carpet cleaning.

Ultimately, these actions can assist make the largest-used surface area in a facility healthier and greener. With constant use, they can serve to make the whole center healthier and greener as well.


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