Area Rug Cleaning in Mesa – How to Find the Most Reliable Service

A carpet or a rug gives a homey and warm feeling to any living room and enhances its style and beauty. Your costly oriental rug is a priced possession and it needs to be cared for. You might be vacuuming your rug daily, but that is not always enough, as dirt will gradually settle in the lower layers of the fabric. Sometimes you may have to remove stains. The best solution is to find a good area rug cleaning Mesa facility in your area that will do the job professionally for you. Here are a few pointers that will help you choose the right one.

  • area rug cleaning servicesIf you flip open the yellow pages or do an online search, you’re sure to find quite a few services in your immediate area. Finding an area rug cleaning service in Mesa is easy, but picking a trustworthy company is most important. Area rugs are expensive to replace and could have sentimental value to the owner.
  • Reputation of the company is the main factor you should consider while searching. The best ways to find one is by asking your friends and relatives in your area, as you will get some unbiased opinions. Or call the company and ask if there are any references that can be contacted, so you can find out their level of satisfaction with the service. The reputation of the company will also depend on their experience and the amount of time they have been in business. You may want to skip any company that’s been in business less than a year or two, as these are best to avoid. Go for companies who have been in business for two years or more.
  • Once you have narrowed down a few companies, you can find out their strengths, for example, if they specialize in Persian rug cleaning in Mesa. Different types of rugs have different cleaning requirements and methods. See if the company has the necessary equipment and know-how in cleaning the type of rug you have.
  • Do not hire simple home cleaning services, as they do not have the knowledge of professional carpet care and cleaning. If they use the wrong type of chemical or fail to dry your rug properly, there could be long term damage and your rug will be ruined for good. Persian and oriental rugs in Mesa require extreme care, don’t trust them to just anyone.
  • Many people think that they can save cost by doing the job themselves with a carpet cleaner rental in Mesa. This s only a good idea if you are experienced in carpet cleaning; otherwise you could easily and permanently damage your costly rugs. The frequency of area rug cleaning you require will depend on the traffic in your home. A heavy traffic area with kids and pets may require cleaning every two to three months, otherwise a good professional cleaning once or twice a year is enough.

An experienced and reputed area rug cleaning service will not only clean your carpet thoroughly, but take out stains and possibly offer to repair it or any damages caused in the process. Reliable and professional area rug cleaning in Mesa will return a much better looking carpet than what it was before they started.


Carpet Cleaning in Mesa, AZ

Having a beautiful, clean carpet will surely make a significant impression on your home. That said, the way you take care of your rug will surely have a huge impact on the improvement of your property’s aesthetic appeal or can even cause you embarrassment if visitors see its unpleasant condition. Regular vacuuming will help maintain its cleanliness yet giving it a proper, deep clean will require more than that. Regular steam cleaning from professionals is the best solution in making your carpet look amazingly beautiful and soft upon touching it with your feet. Moreover, this procedure will not only remove surface dirt and grime, but also harmful contaminants hiding underneath the fibers.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Company Mesa

home carpet cleaning servicesOur carpet steam cleaning service is really efficient since we make use of high-powered equipment and have various choices of effective and safe chemicals. With our expert care, any trace of stubborn stains left behind from a recent event in your home will surely be gone in the wind. We can successfully remove all types of stains such as from coffee, wine, juices and pet urine. Although we can’t fully eradicate them, at least we can make them look light enough that they appear unnoticeable at all.

Mesa Carpet Cleaning Company

Aside from messy stains, the dirty appearance of rugs can be irritating too. Despite constant vacuuming, soiling can still grind in and make your carpets appear less pleasing. Don’t worry though because we’ll help clean the entire rug against dirt and stains so that it will become cleaner and lovelier compared to its previous state. With the assistance of our skilled cleaners, you are guaranteed that your carpet will once again look fantastic.

No matter how neat and orderly your house is, having a dirty carpet lying around will surely ruin the aesthetic look of your residence. Let us aid you in bringing back its amazing condition through our regular steam cleaning sessions. We promise that through this procedure, your rug will last for a much longer period of time since it will receive a proper and deep clean, plus your home will be ready to entertain anyone with a carpet that looks incredibly stunning.

Recurring Spots

Few things in the carpet cleaning industry are as frustrating as those dreaded recurring spots. As cleaners we show up at your house, do what we think is a picture perfect cleaning job, only to have you call us back in a few days informing us that those pesky coffee, ink, wine, grease, etc spots are back. This is not a terribly frequent problem for the experienced technician, but it does happen and returning to solve the problem is what can really separate the true pro from the mere tyro.

As a professional who is concerned with his quality of work, and his reputation I seldom complain about these call backs (well, at least not out loud), but instead appreciate the chance to return and correctly finish what I started. It’s not always the fault of the cleaner and there are a number of reasons why those spots in your carpet can return:

  • The spot was not fully removed.
  • The spot was removed but the spotting agent used to remove it was not fully rinsed out.
  • The spot soaked beyond the surface into the carpet backing or pad and gradually wicked back up (almost always the case with pet stains).

These are a few of the most common causes and the first two are easily dealt with and only take a few minutes to correct.  In the third case though, once things soak down beyond the carpet surface they can be difficult to deal with. If the spot is small enough there are special tools that may remove it, but often the problem can’t be solved unless the carpet is pulled up, cleaned from the back, and new pad is installed. This creates a lot of extra work and expense and most of the time is not a viable option.

One thing that I have learned over the years is that knowledge often comes from experience. If the cleaning technician or whoever may have come to your house first, takes the time to carefully look at problem areas and then asks a few questions, they will often know right then if these are spots that are likely to return, and can then discuss the possible results. Now, he’s a professional who’s correctly telling you what to expect rather than a guy having to apologize for a lousy job. Big difference!

As the homeowner there are also a few steps you can take to help prevent undesirable cleaning results. We’ve talked about recurring spots but now let’s talk about its close cousin, resoiling. Resoiling would be a post cleaning substance that has been left on the carpet. Sometimes this is also the fault of the cleaner but not always. If the cleaner did not properly rinse the carpet, the soapy residue thats left behind can quickly attract more dirt. In just a few days it will look like the carpet was never cleaned.

What often also happens in the case of resoiling is not the fault of the cleaning company. Most professional cleaners will suggest that you stay off the carpet until it is dry. We can suggest this, but remember, we can’t tell you what to do in your house. If people don’t take the suggestion of the cleaner and proceed to walk around on the wet carpet, by the time it’s dry, it won’t look clean any longer. The wet carpet actually does a really good job of cleaning off the bottom of your shoes. Add to that any accidental food or drink spills and, well you get the picture.

So there you have a few reasons as to why those unwanted spots have a sneaky way of showing up again. In any case, if you are working with a reputable cleaning company, your phone call should always be welcomed, and a return visit should be done in a timely and courteous manner.

Thanks for reading and next time I will try to tackle the difficult question of what is “green cleaning”.